spaceships & ish.

so according to this site, the moon should be type ill on tomorrow evening.

claims it wont shine like it again til 2052. so imma keep my eyes open for it. it may be quite nice, i mean -- once 2052 comes around, i prolly wont even be able to see the moon. haha.


she's great. :] i love her music.

he's too ill.

ha. im scared of him.
( i stole this from Z'smyspace btw)


its that time again :]


i dont really have much of nothin' to say. im liiiiike reallllllly happy today though, for some reason. &&& amused at the exact same time. question, have you ever been with someone who has a fanclub ??? ... i mean, not even with like plenty members though -- just ONE obsessed person? haha, this honestly is the funniest ish ive ever witnessed. i mean, theres been points in my life when its taken me awhile to get over an ex boyfriend. buuuut NEVER haave i ever or will ever juuuust jocked the hell out of an ex. *ESPECIALLY when its apparent that he's moved on. word of advice, i mean i guess im just being nice now by trying to help people like this out...i know they say "keep hope alive" . but when there's NO HOPE to keep alive meaning --

  1. you're appliciation &&& access has been denied numerous times.
  2. you're calls get sent to voicemail.
  3. you're text get ignored.
  4. you're presence is NO LONGER in existence, rather yet, you're looked pass. as if youre INVISIBLE .
just fall back && remember "there's more fish in the sea." haha. the first step: LET IT GO B*TCH! ... no need to thank me, just another random act of kindness.

enjoy your day :]


i guess she didnt go to rehab ?

im ashamed to say i once was a fan. actually BOUGHT the cd &&& everything.

time for leftovers.

i woke up to a nice tasty slice of my mama's sweet potato pie :] mmm ... tasty.

so i decided to post a small "im thankful" blog, i didnt get a chance to yesterday. so here goes. -- first off, im breathing. some of my family &&& friends arent here to say the same (rest easy Moe, love you cuddy) &&& lastly. ive got some great people in my life (the fam). yeahhh, no reason to complain right. heres some photos (late: from Halloween night) but i just recieved them soooo yeah. lol


is this rihanna ?

it kinda doesnt sound like her.

just dance...!

am i late to this video ? i've never heard of any of the artist (til now) but i must admit, i totally lalalove this song ! makes me wanna jump around like a small child . haha .


the fams in town -- the foods smelling oh so delicious !!
..&&&i CANNOT wait to eat :]




i dont want it unless its...

..brand new !!

maaan, i cannot wait for tomorrow, i plan on gaining at least liiiike 6 pounds. haha, i've been helpin my mama out with the coooking, lickin every spoon/ spatula i can find. lol, im so ready.

nooow, i usually dont post photos of myself, BUT -- for those who dont know ive went dang near 3 years braced up, grillin em....whatever you wanna call it. &&& as of november 26th ...

THEY'RE OFF !!! yes, yah girls highly excited. im chowin down for all the years ive missed due to the metals. haha.


another question...

do penguins have knees??



im frustrated! ... i know we're not together.
(im the one that cut it off)
but he's still on my mind!
(i cant seem to get him off)
this madness mixed with sadness
not satisfied with the present --
guess im living in the past then.

back in the past when
he was my boyfriend...
back in the past when we could see no end.
no end, which came so quickly.
the end thats slowly becoming the death of me (emotionally)
because today i found myself feeling incomplete without he.
many tunes long for a chance on my radio.
..his song is the only song is sing.
the only one that gets to me, lyrically.
dont want to seem like im crying,
&&& im not one known for whining
but im standing alone
because he is not beside me.
where he should be.
i hope for the future, ill think outside the moment
and not with the feeling of animosity
i hope for the future
the stars will realign "we"


ay, babygirls illll.

i gotta question for the world.

..do turtles have knees ?



i wish i could change. i wish i could change.
i wish i could stop saying the same old thangs.
i wish i could be, who you want me to be.
i wish i could stop being the same old me.
i wish i could lose, all of my blues.
i wish i could stop putting my blues on you.
i wish i could love, like nobody loves.
i wish that my goods outweighed my bads enough.

im too complicated.

...feeling like MRthicke.

me&you -- against the world.

somewhat old, real mellow song.
i love robin thicke.

click :
Against the World - Robin Thicke


faded, is i ... currently.
down, is i ... emotionally.
higher, than the stars in the sky,
but low on life.

..life's got the best of me.
my mind is free, but only 'cause im keyed.
he's not here, he...what i need
is nowhere to be found,
probably because today, i let him down.

let him go.
because even together, there was still no we.
even after square A, we still couldnt BE.
i removed the blindfold, &he STILL COULDNT SEE.
&&&if you look inside his heart, you'd see me.
take a glance in mine, and youd see he.

faded, is i... currently.
so i decided to write, about he.
expressing myself.
because im just now beginning to think.

so even when im sober,
one thing will still be seen.
the endless love i have for he,
the endless love that lives inside of me
so i dont apologize for what i said
but for the feeling it gave thee.

faded-ly speaking.
...i think my pens just leaking.
maybe this is just a lesson Gods teaching.
closing, my love for Z cant be debated.
you can take my word...

..then again, im faded.


rest easy.

what is the world coming to???

MIAMI (Nov. 22) -The family of a college student who killed himself live on the Internet say they're horrified his life ended before a virtual audience, and infuriated that viewers of the live webcam or operators of the Web site that hosted it didn't act sooner to save him.

Only after police arrived to find Abraham Biggs dead in his father's bed did the Web feed stop Wednesday — 12 hours after the 19-year-old Broward College student first declared on a Web site that he hated himself and planned to die.

Broadcasting his suicide to an Internet audience, Abraham Biggs, a 19-year-old college student in Pembroke Pines, Fla., took a fatal overdose of pills Wednesday. His family is shocked and angry that his death played out before a live Web audience, some of whom egged him on. Biggs is seen here in an undated photograph."

...craziness, prayers go out for his family.


beauty is HIS name,

friiiiiiiday! :] bout to go cause havoc, with the twin (CP;TheKilla) haha. i HAD to post one more before i vacated, my future -- TYGA. something about caramel skin & tats, gets me everytime. lol.

see you in my nightmares.

suckaaa!!, hehe...im going to school.
buuuut i woke up feeling like this.
have a great day people. :]


check into rehab...

..i'll admit to ONCE feeling this way.

all i want for christmas is...

is yooou! (as in the beautiful shirt) hehe, i cant wait for Christmas though, i must order it NOOOOW!!!

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey


i got my....

please believe i am NOT in love with weezy, like the rest of the world....this is quite catchy though.


I Got My (ft. Lil Wayne) - Static Major

brand new ishhh.

hiiii :)

ummm, ok so for those of you (well the majority of readers) do not know, i currently have a rihanna inspired cut, with one said extending past the other. sooo for the new year, i think i oughta switch it up a bit.

first things first, an even cut. lol -- maybe even a little dye as well. i need ideas on color though.
help me out :)

*PS -- for those in the Seattle area, the ONLY shop that touches my hair is Michaelas. off broadway, most def. the illest out there! (just though id advertise a bit) lol.


Love&Appreciate II -- MURS.

the lyrics remind me of someone i used to know...

"What you need is some love and appreciation. Gotta treat her like a queen before she walks away. before its too late, you gotta, sing it, you better treat her like a lady...

Now we'd like to all start with a broken heart. Some dude got hurt and it was ripping him apart, so he, He made him a song cause he was tired of the pain and the getting done wrong, but how long will it last. You cant keep comparing her to women from your past. It's time to move on, open up your heart so you can sing a new song. You ain't a pimp you just pissed off. Meet the right woman and you get soft, use to try and play hard now you buying chocolate and valentines cards and man thats a good thing showing these kids what the word love should mean.

..B word this H bomb that, and then mr all of this i wonder where your moms at? Cause if she ain't one, then tell me where the hate from, you just calm down and maybe you can date one, Buy some flowers, open up some doors, she needs some tampons, homie go to the store, vitamin water. a bottle of motrin, teddy bear, candy bar something. A token of affection a step in that direction cause love is about progress not perfection.

You love your homeboys, but you hate these ladies. Your gonna chose them over her, you crazy? the ones you post up with, smoke blunts with. Y'all share the same spit, you might as well kiss. now dont get me wrong, I love my dudes but imma pick a girl anytime i gotta choose, i like mad.. but i love orgasms and im not trying to have the same problems your having.

Cause your confused the scared little dude beatin' on your lady cause your in a bad mood, Your insecure a little unsure, dont know how to deal with the feelings so pure, its called love its joy and pain, but you gotta take some risk to enjoy the game."



Kanye West, remix album. definite heat!!! you gotta believe me, &&& if you don't go touch fire yourself...

truly type ill.

pretty ricky.

umm...so even though i believe pleasure P is off on his own (& quite successful on his solo grind) i TRIED to have hope in the rest of the group. hehe, have they replaced pleasure p with "4 play" ???

...seems as if they have. he's alright in my book. haha.


"we aint we, its me & him"

..if i am "she", that makes him "he"
and that's it.
no "we"
see, i've came to notice,
we spend more time trying to make it work
then actually loving.
constant apologies, i've accepted...
this time it's intercepted,
new applications requested.
you've been terminated.
&&&& your position is now open.
with the last -- i made a vow never again to have my heart broken.
with that being said,
our relationship is dead...
if this is supposedly "right"
then something has to be wrong.
i am "she"

&&&& "she" is gone.


i love these fools.

i never knew kyle could sing :]


&&& i just want the entire world to know what i'm in love with. it cures insanity.


&&& i actually love my school.

Michael Eric Dyson came to my school today. (lucky franklin!!) haha..if you dont know who he is, google his name, hes amazing. anywhos, his words really had me thinking about things i usually look pass. aaand now, on a serious note -- im going to get real involved in my community. im wishing it didn't take this long for me to realize my mind's power. better late than never. this is my favorite photo of one of my best & i -- LEARNING.

"Made to feel inferior, but we're the superior, Break the chains in our brains that made us fear ya." -- Tupac.

*Knowledge is only power if you use it.

(i quote myself)

words of wisdom.

Words of Wisdom. They shine upon the strength of an nation. Conquer the enemy. On with education. Protect thy self, reach with what you wanna do. Know thy self, teach what we been through. On with the knowledge of the place ... then no one will ever oppress this race again. No Malcolm X in my history text. Why is that? 'cause he tried to educate and liberate all blacks. why is Martin Luther King in my book each week? He told blacks, if they get smacked, turn the other cheek. I don't get it, so many questions went through my mind. I get sweated, they act as if asking questions is a crime. But forget it, one day I'm gonna prove them wrong. Now -- every brother had to smother on the welfare line. The american dream, though it seems it attainable They're pulling your sleeve, don't believe ... 'cause it will strangle you.


(&&& im just now, beginning to open my eyes to his genius)

big girl time.

in a few months, i'll be graduating from HighSchool.
it still hasn't hit me. &&& as excited as i am, i'm just as nervous.

....the economy's eff'd! look what im entering into, craziness. i've got a voice though,
&&&&&& i'm going to start using it.


sneaky, sneaky!

...as of today 11.12.08; I crown Franklin Highschool the sneakiest highschool E V E R ! haha, i have sooo many stories man, i cant even post them. cause its just toooo much. but hit me on myspace...i'll definitely share those with you :] haha

gossip girl.

(i CLEARLY watch too much of thee show) -- my day was great though! just thought i'd tell the entire world.



..for those who don't know me, prolly aren't aware of the fact that i loooove fashion design. i plan on majoring in it, next fall at FIDM....ANYWHOS ... my role model Mario aka Miguel has entered into a contest to design a dress for Mariah Carey...he needs everyones support & votes to win this so PLEASE take a few seconds out your day & click the link. its highly appreciated..! i peeped some of the other scores &he's got a great chance at winning, so vote! please & thank you! :]


i think i'm in love.

the only one that papa allowed to hang out in my room
with the door closed ...
we'd be alone.
& mama never freaked out when she heard it go "boom"
'cause she knew we were in the zone ...

hold him in my arms and look out of my window
under the moonlight...
And he'd be keepin' me calm ; so i never let him go.
He's got a place in my heart...

..i think i'm in love with my radio.
'cause it NEVER lets me down.
& i fall in love with my stereo,
whenever i hear the sound.

( more Beyonce brilliance)

808's & Heartbreak !!

...another album that i listened to. FIIIIRE! i'm tellin you, Nov.25th is going to be a BIG day for my music collection :]

i mean, (who DOWNLOADS anymore?!?) get the loose change out the couch & go support!
(unless it's a mixtape, feel free to download those by all means, lol.)

just a reminder....

CHOP SUEY || 21+++
8:30PM || Dec. 19th

i am...sasha FIERCE!

...so as i've mentioned plenty times before...i'm a HUGE fan of Beyonce. the new cd, (released Nov. 18th) is fiiiire ! i've previewed it numerous times...i can't get enough.

i think myspace is currently having a preview session...check that out, if you haven't already.

word for the wise...

50 told me, " go head switch the style up...
& if they hate, then let 'em hate
&&&&& watch the money pile up!"

haha! you can't tell me NOTHIN'!


ain't nothin' out there for me ...

*this ones for the fan club

.... i ain't a playaaa , i just crush alot.
well that's how i used to think --
until i met my boo Z :]
haha ... &&&& i'm beginning to notice ,
HE has more fans than me !!
haha ... they're so adorable ,
little groupies -- awh ... HA ! oh well .

"ain't nothing out there for me, this is where i want to be ... i done already been in the streets & aint came across nothin' so sweet ... he's the only man that i love & i don't need more then one ;; so don't worry when i'm hanging out, he's the only one that I'm thinking about..."

crazy night !

...i'm still breathing , so no complaints .
& now i'm off to church , where i love & neeeed to be.
so i leave you with one of my favorite songs .... in case you're in need of some encouragement . :]

be blessed, enjoy!

Let Go - Woods, DeWayne & When Singers Meet


so i lied...

haha , i HAD to post my new favorite music videos ...
feat . Chris Brown , i looooooooove him.

"cruising down the street in my go kart ... stopped at the park to get the scoop on this fly little thang that was looking cute"

"weak ... i had been crying & crying for weeks , how'd i survive when i can barely speak , barely eat ... on my knees . but that's the moment you came to me , don't know what your love has done to me ... think i'm invincible i see through the me i used to be ... changed my whole life , don't know what you're doing to me with your love .. feelin' all superhuman "


he calls me "mrs . perfect"

.... haha , & what can i say ?? i agree with him ... call me " cocky " -- i gives TWO fingers in the middle .
a few things on my mind i have to let go of ...

  • FIRST OFF -- it's not that he's a parcially african american man , the president is of ethincity! (no offense towards anyone) -- but im truly PUMPED , i'm stillll taking this in.
  • Secondly , my space ... a cure for common boredom , talking to people that you do not want to have your number & honestly never would hang with (heeeey, its true) & possibly network . however , it is NOT the place for beef. no comments will ever be found on MY page about the next , best believe this little statement i'm making now is allll there will ever be. which comes to my question, why in the hell do females feel the need to come at me OH SO INCORRECTLY over MY , in case you didn't read that correctly MY boyfriend, my "boo" my "nigga" whatever you want to call it. you want him? i got him... get over it, go read a book or something, there's no need to fight over something i clearly have , ain't going anywhere .... it's factual. truth hurts babygirl ... continue to pop off at the mouth but i'd respect you more if it was face to face rather than on the internet. shananigans , we laugh at people like that. alright that's enough about that...
  • i got married today, in class haha -- quite fun. my new husband's pretty darn spiffy (too bad he's gettin played) ha! i love senior year ...
  • LASTLY -- it's time to celebrate !! ill be partying allllll weekend , & sleep all during the week . because i can. ;)
*that's all i had to say -- no new post for a few days ... i leave you with the song of the (rest of the) YEAR ... enjoy !


MY president is black, genius (& fiiiine)

haha, i don't care how weird you think i am! it's factual, the man is beautiful!
i'm so excited, i continue to post, post & post some more!

text forwards.

i personally HATE forwards, but i must admit,
(i like this one)

..in case you haven't received it yet, it reads :

"They didn't want to give us 40 acres & a mule. so we took 50 states & a White House! OBAMA!"

haha -- there's now TRUE color in the white house.

*change is coming.


*I Reach

& that's PRESIDENT obama B*TCHES!

let me add, i'm sooooo proud & grateful to be alive during this historic moment in history, it's about time for CHANGE! ...we've been through waaay too much! OBAMA!

no homo!

miss shavonna inspired to post funny youtube videos, this one made me laugh.


GMK @ Chop Suey. *PART TWO

GMK @ Chop Suey. 21+ *12.19.08

December 19th! 21+

Feat. One of my personal faves -- G M K !!

(if i receive a flyer, i'll be sure to post it)


Time for Change.

"..you are the only one that's patient when i fall. your angels come to save me every time i call. you don't laugh at me when i make mistakes & cry. you're not like man. you understand me...see people change. one day they don't like you...the next they do. i wish that everyone could love me just like you. so here i am, this sinful man, peace won't allow...i was wondering, can you hold me now?"

..and after all the conflict, shootings & deaths, drama, stress & other chaos...i've decided to take all my worries and put them in God's hands. strengthen me as well as the others in pain around me. this too shall pass.

*RIP; Quincy Coleman
Maurice Allen II
Adrian Jackson
Pierre LaPoint
Pooter J
Leonard Hunter
Allen Joplin
Antwon Horton

..and any others i may not have listed.

cadillac records.

mrs . beyonce's done it once again! set to be playing, Etta James, in the new film "Cadillac Records" set to hit theaters December 5th. ( i'll admit, i'm excited!!) ..maybe this is the reason she wore her hair in cut during the STAND UP TO CANCER concert??


T-Mobile users.

PSA !! -- anyone selling a TMobile dash, LX or shadow...
get at me,. i don't want to renew my contract & DEFINITELY don't want to pay full price for one of these.

so if you know of one for sale, or have one -- let me know.
please & thank you. :]

thanks grandpa!!

"Lots of little girls dream of a playhouse where they can keep their dolls, play dress up -- even cook and clean. But, for most little girls, that dream does not entail 450 square feet , 16-foot ceilings, a loft, kitchen, laundry room, roof deck, door bell and electricity. Then again, most little girls don't have grandparents like Lorraine and Marvin Smith, of Russellville, Missouri.

The Victorian-style playhouse is located in the front yard of Lorraine and Marvin Smith's home, and took a little less than two years to complete. A gazebo to the right lends a magical, fairytale-like touch."

now...how many kids can say , at the age of 3 -- THEY HAVE THEIR OWN HOUSE. After they take their daily nap, in their personal loft, they can go for a ride on their bike -- located in the garage. haha.

..can we say SPOILED ?!


i can't believe it's November!

..wow, the year went by so fast. it's crazy. Halloween when pretty well, spent it trick or treating with my nephews & nieces...thennn with the family at their Halloween party. (until my nephews got a little too into their costumes [batman&robin] and began going crazy) lol. here's a few photos of my favorite costumes of the night.