papa you wine fine...

i love 'em chocolate but i've got NADA against a fine caramel brothaaa... ;]


$pring Break.

i've been waiting for this break for like EVER! haha, although there's NOOOO sunshine in sight, i'll still enjoy it. Got a job interview tomorrow so I hope that pulls through...

other than that you'll find me with CP & possibly DreezyJay takin' over the world. yeeeep! haha. welllll that's about it, outty 5000 !

love. sex. magic.


a year & a day.

until he returns, better let that album "PAPER TRAIL" take you there.
its fiiiiire !! from start to finish , trust .


this isnt anything to crack funnys about...

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT ... this hella made me laugh .
haha .

starting to see spaceships .

..maaaan its been awhile since ive been on here !!
ive been living life though , juuust partyin &&& homework .
hehe . my school won state FIRST PLACE !! yeah , lifes pretty spifff .
whats goinggg on ?!


aaand i want the world to know --*

i STILL love chris brown !!!
&&& my ex boyfriend is hellllllllllla weak !! haha .

helllla bored, buuut had a great weekend.
stay tuned for the photos.


everybody knows.

joints &&& jams .

drink it straight .


" okay i got a little faaat, BUT my shorty told me that he like it like that !" -- REMY MA.

...ummm, i don't know how the ideal "woman" should loook,
BUUUT jessica simpson is NOT, i repeat NOT fat..!
if that's the case, i'm super large. haha.



definite hit.
i peeped this CD, loveeee it (:

everyone needs to go purchase a cope &&& support J.Holiday on his sophomore album.
as G' wound say ... "BRILLIANCE"


..stuff like this,

gives me a reason to wake up in the morning .
my niece who's almost looks exactly like me at her age .

he makes me feel like this...

walking on the moon -THEDREAM feat. Kanye

"i cant contain it. no, no, no ... i cant restrain it. there's a lot of stars in here aint it? but you shine so much they don't seem famous. where'd you come from on this lonely night? i swear God musta made lightning strike, &&& i bottled it up, hit the red carpet and modeled it up, we hopped in the Ferrari and Prada'd it up. now everybody clappin, they bravo'd it up. all just because its more than a buzz, more than a drink, but i took a few sips &&& let it do what it does. now drunk textin' like its all about you, like i cant spend another minute without you. you know the drinks let you say things you aint allowed to, things interfere but youre way to proud to say it out loud. cause niggas gonna clown you, put your black baby down people is around you, i'll put my mag baby down i aint tryna to hound you, just tryin to take you where the stars gonna surround you."


ooh, ROMEO !!

i'll admit to being in looove with him in my younger days.
i must admit without the hair, &&& being a college student, hes 100000000000000x more attractive to me now (college guys are sexy) -- hehe... Percy Miller.