*tisk , tisk ...kanye

my man , i LOVE LOVE LOVE ya ... but come on now ...

taylor won her FIRST VMA , it was very shocking & exciting to her . & as much as i love 'ye , he was soooo outta line for interrupting her awards speech like that . i mean , i admit to laughing about it .. but possibly his " EGO " is too big ??

...thoughts / comments are welcome .

..i'll be missin' you

ain't been home in a few days , I miss you.

"I know you do, I ain't gon'lie I miss you too. come kiss me through the phone, I'ma kiss you too. now I'ma hit you in a minute..gotta get this loot. girl we got us somethin special, I know it ain't nothin better, you can trust me cause I'm tellin ya I don't want nothin else, you get lonely you can just use the pictures up on the dresser..I ain't never think a woman could have me this lil'feelin..girls'll walk up on me flirtin, I be tellin e'm "Nah I'm chillin" --hug you till I go to sleep just to squeeze you like my lil'pillow..then I wake up Monday mornin'don't come back till Friday, in my whole 'nother whip, sittin on 6's with tinted windows--baby phat bags, all the purses with matchin'slippers..you done heard I fucked this dumb bitch-now you mad trippin..tears in ya eyes, [yellin you tired of my fast livin]"

Since you went away, I been down and lonely, since you went away, I been thinkin of you--Ooo I'm missin you.


El Natural .

..so tyra revealed her "natural" look during the premiere week of THE TYRA SHOW .."weaveless" & all. im proud of her! lol, i personally support the "weaveless" movement, although i do not knock the extension because i do have one on occasion, i respect her taking the first step to make other woman feel more comfortable about their natural look, & hair.