now we allllll know , the majorities of rappers nowadays have the hood/thugster/gangsta reputation that they must maintain. but lately...numerous artist, have been losing their ice. seems as if its an epidemic.

for example: yung berg , visited a night club in Detroit, only to be beaten , then robbed for the infamous transformer chain. word is, yung berg made a negative remark about Detroit rappers, and when he entered a famous night club in town, owned by "Trick Trick" , he, along with his homeboy were jumped immediately after entering the club and the chain was taken. supposedly trick trick was the mastermind behind at all. and pictures were released soon after of his brother, shining with the transformer piece.

..numerous jokes were made about the incident, and videos were released. i personally find nothing funny about losing a chain of such worth. but hey...what can i say, watch your mouth.

but it's not over yet, apparently Juelz Santana, Shawty Lo, Diddy, 50 and many more. 40 Glocc claims to have robbed (my future husband) Tyga's chain..but he cleared that story up real quick.

so my advice, for allll the rappers shining out there, (stick with faaaaaat security guards if you cant handle your own) haha.

word of advice, ITS NOT CUTE !


new hairdo's?

first off let me say , i love beyonce . i'm a big fan . BUUUT -- what's her hair doing in this performance? it's a great cause and all. but is it a wig? or a bad weave? haha. i can't tell. AND mariah carey, can she move? haha. okay, i'm done.

JUST STAND UP! - Artists Stand Up To Cancer

empty spaces.

so this morning, i woke up late due to the fact that i forgot to set my alarm clock. so of course, i was late to school, my coach got on me for being late...aaand i had to deal with my annoying teachers. PLUS -- i was hungry as ever, couldn't wait til lunch came around...don't you love school days ?

the thought came across of how i used to constantly skip my gym class ( i passed with a B+ for those who think i failed due to attendance ) -- & how my cousin Moe caught me skipping , more than once actually . & how he always said "stay in class, keep them grades up & stay away from these boys out here."

while im over here complaining about how horrible my day started, & there's so many who's day didn't even start. sooo with that being said, i decided to stop complaining & be thankful for the life i have, even though it may not be the best, it's just for me. so since im a senior, finally getting my act together -- gotta give thanks to the ones who cared enough to stay on me.

my big cuddy moe, i miss & love you much. imma make it for you. & my baby brother adrian (not pictured), imma make it for you too.

"every singly day,
every time i pray,
i'll be missing you"


announcement !

...peeeeeep fiiiiiire ! , i love it .
they never fail to amaze me with the music , take notes ...


the world keeps gettin' in the way .

..anything worth having , is worth working for .
truth be told , there's nothing my heart desires more .
greater than you , greater than me .
but together , nothing is greater than we .
seems as if it's too much for the world's eyes to see .
because with so many hurdles in our road ,
we cannot BE .
so until the world is ready ,
our love song is on pause .
us two , will always be " is "
..never the context , of " was "
never past tense , or another used to be ..
when the time is right , the dream will become
definite reality .