last post of 08*

GOODBYE 2008 , its been nice.

  • drama
  • beefage
  • haters
  • stress
  • drinks & dro
  • graduation !
  • prom
  • Summer '09 !
  • cali living :)
  • living above the influence.
  • love , love
  • progression .
im so excited !!
hope you all enjoy the day ,
love you alllll !!

N A E*



n a e* -- thaaats me !

am i rude for tellin 'em to shut the f'ck up? ...simply 'cause they talk to damn much? they say im just too blunt, i say i just dont give a f'ckkkk, they say they're livin for their "she's or he's" -- i say ... im livin for me . they say new levels, new devils. cheaaa i agree, without them devils tryna stop me. where in the hell would i be ? they say the '09 is mine !! i say every years mine. get right or get left, dont waste my time.

im nae, i rock*


this sh*t riiiight here, aint TOUCHIN beyonce.
real talk. its alright though, wellll not really feelin it,

but i wanted to give her some credit. hehe.



my computer crashed on me. sooo i wont be posting as often until i get it repaired or whatever...
hope alls well :)

i love this song/video, enjoy.
*i tried to find the unplugged performance, but i couldnt :(
its great though.



from me to you :]
hope alls well with everyone & everyones everyone.

PlainJane ♥

soon you'll understand.

You're my best friend's sister, grown woman and all.
But you see how I am around girls; I ruin 'em all.
Plus your mom call me son, around you since I was small.
Shit I watched you mature - nah, this ain't right.
But still when your boyfriend ditched you, life's a bitch you cried.
Over my right shoulder I told you to wipe your eyes.
Take your time when you likin a guy,
Cause if he sense that your feelings too intense, it's pimp or die.
I bought you earrings on your birthday,
Drove you to college your first day
It must be sad, though it hurts to say

We could never be a item, don't even like him
You deserve better - this is ugly; Gina, please don't love me
There's better guys out there other than me
(You need a lawyer or a doctor or somebody like that you know)
Like a lawyer or a doctor with a Ph.D
Think of how upset your mother and brother would be
if they found that you was huggin me

Man, I look in the eyes of
our kid that stole life and me together..
We're tryin, really tryin to make it work
I'm young, and I ain't ready, and I told you ....

"Let him hold you, let him touch you
Soon you'll understand"

It ain't like, I ain't tell you from day one, I ain't shit
When it comes to relationships, I don't have the patience
Now it's too late, we got a little life together
and in my mind I really want you to be my wife forever
But in the physical it's like I'ma be
trife forever
A different girl every night forever; told you to leave

but you're stubborn and you love him and,
no matter what
despite all the fuckin and the cheatin,

you still won't leave him...

now you're grievin
And I feel bad, believe me
But I'm young and I ain't ready, and this ain't easy
Wasn't fair to tell you to wait, so I told you to skate
You chose not to, now look at the shit we gotta go through
Doin a fight, throw in a fuss, you the mother of my baby
I don't want you to hate me, this is about us
Rather me; I ain't ready to be what you want me to be

Because I love you,
I want you to leave, please.
soon you'll understand....



stolen from imeem.com :] hehe


..all the prayers must've worked because my man MIKE is doing well
&&& health's improving :]

well thats what STRTLXRY tells me :]
(click click)


the KING.

heard on the news my guy mike is dying. say he needs another lung, but his body is to weak to undergo surgery. i was devastated when i heard this yo. i am in loooooooove with michael i grew up on his music. even the JACKSON 5.

i can even reenact the entire movie, haha, which is often shown on VH1. lol. got the collecters thriller doll &&& EVERYTHING! ay, call it weird if you want. its priceless to me...BUUUUT if i were to sell it, its worth helllllllllllla. hehe.

maaan, my prayers go out. he's gotta pull through.

do YOU remember...?



ook so i've found a ride :)

'vonna made me feel better about getting in a car.
soooooo im off to shop til i drop wenches ! haha.

(i mean i have liiike only one bill to pay so i dont have to worry bout saving.)



sad face.

...ook so im currently on WINTER BREAK! &&& i am HELLLA mad.
this damn snow is STILL falling!

wind blowing, roads closed....



am i late on the man Charles Hamilton ??
i love 'em, got me wantin to go to New York.

*PS !

i see why theee wifes jealous!
haha, im jealous of the chick in this video
&&&& USHER aint even mine!

lol (i kid,
she should have a higher self esteem
being that the rings on her finger)

change of plans.

the storm hit waaaaay too soon,
def stuck in skyway (once again)
haha, i refuse to get into a vehicle in this mess,

there are toooo many inexperienced drivers out there!!
so i guess ill be bloggin it up,

hopefully the power stays on.

5 days 'til Christmas!

..duuuude, ok so this morning the original plot was to go out &&& purchase the 11/12 package.
but i have this thing where i hate having on the same shoes as people at school &&& outside of school as well. CLEARLY they sold out so im sure at least 10 people at FHS got 'em.

*therefore, i spent my money on a new digital, &&& new cellular device.supposedly a storm is coming to Seattle this evening, sooo i decided to leave out to my sisters house. id rather be stranded there then here with the parentals. if you live somewhere besides seattle. BE THANKFUL !! haha.


*(prolly wont be on for a couple of days.)



im tired of the gun shots.
Seattle really needs to coool out.

..we're losing tooo many youth.
around 20 have been shot at or even killed in '08.
truly a sad case... just recently, another was wounded.
DC, im praying for you &&& yours.

read here :

i'm (f-wordin') snowed in!

...ummm, ok so for those unaware,
yesterday they closed school for absolutely


..there wasnt a drop of snow on the ground, buuut today the snow has gone wild. mind you -- ive got shopping to do &&& cannot get off my block. im flippin stuck in SKYWAY! urrgghh!!

all ive got to say is this better be clear by Saturday , ive got a package to purchase myself for Christmas !


you were my everything.

you were my everything.
the reason why i hoped and dreamed.
you and i are a story untold.
&&& now your gone
&&& my hearts turned cold.

words cant describe
how i feel inside
with a heart so small
dont feel sorry for me;
dont you feel guilty...
since you moved on.

..internally he murdered me.
my emotions bleed no more

*Janelle Monae , clearly doin' biggg things.
dont sleep on her!

to that one dude.

is love enough?

top 2 songs of '08?

according to spinner.com ; (well they've made a list of 25 ) buuut they claim the top TWO songs of '08 areeee...

02 ; The world should Revolve around me -- Little Jackie.
&&& 01 ; Electric Heel -- MGMT. i dont even know who the hell MGMT is.

buuut most def, one of the best songs released this year .
PUNCH DRUNK LOVE -- Common ft. Kanye.
( callll my phone, its hella my ringback tone)

what do you thinks the top cuts of the year ??
this site CLEARLY has no clue.

im in love.

i swear.
i neeeeds on!


guess who it is? ME HOE!


kiss me through the phone.

"baby, you know that i miss you,
i wanna get with you, tonight
but i cannot babygirl, &&& thats the issue.
girl you know i miss you,
i just want to kiss you.
but i cant right now,

..so baby, kiss me through the phone.
i'll see you later on."

--Soulja Boi ft. Sammie


happy,happy birthday!


happy birthday dad :]
*i know you're probably wondering why i call him "dad" ,
simply because throughout my highschool years,
as well as drunken nights, guy problems,
anything thrown my way -- he got me through it.
kept me in line , therefore adopting me :] hehe.

i love you tili !!



ooooooh booooy, these two (kanye &&& kid cudi )
rock my socks ! ; ]

early Christmas gift.


on sale for only $70 !!


does this mean i'm heartless?
because i am not with him,
&&&& with him is where my heart is.

i mean, how did it come to this,
how'd it get so deep.
how in the hellll did i fall for he,
he -- whom has so many other "shes?!"

..dang G, what was i thinking?

his *ONLY woman, that is.

"..I'm just tryin'a talk to you baby,
woman to woman.
Like two adults ... not tryin'a start no commotion.
But the man you claim is yours -- says he's mine.
And he 'loves me too' ; Same promises to you.
The honest truth, Guess we both are fools"



so this is what the world is cominggg to ?
*SMH , highly disappointing.


basically...she said it for me...

"i wish you well."

i wish i had vocals...

..cause lil mama KILLED IT !!


whats it gonna be?

throwback video of the week...
(not that i'll have these weekly or anything hehe )


its tuesday.

&&& i love life.
do yooou?


just a reminder...for those in the seattle area.

100th post !!

so for y'all who's unaware -- MY NEPHEW'S A MF STARRR !!
check him out :]

weezy f aint got nada on him ! hehe... ay did you know this indian woman had a baby at 70 ?! crazyyy ! hehe, just peep here ! wellll, thats all for now i guess. my 31 followers & the rest of the readers. you guys are BOMB.COM : ] (im super happy right now for some reason) lol.

A D I O S !


if i ruled the world...

"..if you could be mine, we'd both shine"
thaaat good,good music :]

let it rockkk !!

surprisingly, me likey :]


you won, its over, im done.
let it go.

(i cant find the track) :(

nae has a new fav. song :]

"i seen you in the class, class
body lookin good like a glass, glass
pay attention to your laugh, laugh

...baby you're a star,
can i get your autograph ?"

-- GMK

listen here.

i've been blogging about him mucho lately, huh? hehe. :]

&&& another question...

..so if you havent noticed. im quite young, only a senior in high school. many say too young to speak on anything doing with the word "love" -- &&& i agree, that just may be true. i know for sure things that ive gone through within the past two years with males have matured me in a real serious way. watching waiting to exhale (oh how i love that movie) came to realize, once you've been treated like a queen, there's no way in hell you can go back to bullshxt. it just doesn't quite fit with your heart. rather just adds weight to it. not the best feeling if i say so myself. age 16, i feel as if this age contributed to a major piece of who i am today. at a vulnerable & adolescent state , found myself falling (hard) for an actor. no love, for sure, nothing but lust. ending with no beefs, or hard feelings (although id still like my belongings back). i was given the message, "everything i touch messes up." from there, friends ... to nothing at all. sooooo now i find myself in a learning stage. my last relationship started off real solid. and honestly, at the way things are looking currently. its over, (possibly just beginning ??) the problems began with myself, afraid of repeating the past. they continued with him, not willing to give me that safe feeling i longed for.

"at the end of the day ... its me he comes home to." , alright. so my question is -- where in the hell were you the rest of the day? -- just because you come home to me...does that make the other houses you went "home" to throughout the day, suitable? or maybe its just my insecurities getting the best of me. i mean, i still have a whole life ahead of me to answer these questions. just a bit curious now, i guess? find love knocking at my door once more, afraid to let it in. coming to realize, it has a key of its own... seems too perfect to be imperfect. assured, yet still terribly nervous.

i have no clue why i felt like sharing this with you all...i guess im not a "lowkey" person. (anymore.)

are we living in a dream world?

thought id bring it back, my personal fav.

"You help me to discover me
I just want you to put trust in me
I kind of laugh when you cuss at me
The aftermath is you touching me
It's destiny that we connected girl
You and i we can affect the world
I'm tired of the fast lane
I want you to have my last name"


The Fear ; Lily Allen.

"i'll take my clothes off. & it will be shameless, everyone knows -- that's how you get famous."

--lily allen. the real in REALity.


your songs played out, my speakers are bumpin a new tune. seriously, i quote myselfff.

so glad the week is to an end. i haven't really slept in the last few days, due to the crying of this baby. noooo not a real baby, a doll for class. it cries, &&& is annoying ! im glad to say i earned a faaat A on the project, and turned the kid in so his "daddy" can take him . hehe. it was so odd carrying a babydoll around town. being a senior && all.

*in other news. the weekends going spiffy so far, shopped a bit, got a new hat from Zebra Club (a bit upset with the selection of the dowtown shop, it was my first time actually in that location -- bellevue has a better selection) *nonetheless i love store.

the neph &&&&& i are currently chillin at la casa. welp -- alright well thats enough ....



i need a vacation....

no new post for awhile ....
you can peep the old if youd like.



go shawty, its your birthday!

happy birthday shavonna !!
( do it faaaaaat yo )

this is for you : (replace lisa with your name though ) :]

if you haven't peeped the blog yet; click away : WORD VOMIT