are they gettin it in or what ?! haha .



..my prayers go out to each & everyone effected . anything helps , everyone who can should give ANYTHING . it all adds up at the end of the day...

jukeboxx .


*tisk , tisk ...kanye

my man , i LOVE LOVE LOVE ya ... but come on now ...

taylor won her FIRST VMA , it was very shocking & exciting to her . & as much as i love 'ye , he was soooo outta line for interrupting her awards speech like that . i mean , i admit to laughing about it .. but possibly his " EGO " is too big ??

...thoughts / comments are welcome .

..i'll be missin' you

ain't been home in a few days , I miss you.

"I know you do, I ain't gon'lie I miss you too. come kiss me through the phone, I'ma kiss you too. now I'ma hit you in a minute..gotta get this loot. girl we got us somethin special, I know it ain't nothin better, you can trust me cause I'm tellin ya I don't want nothin else, you get lonely you can just use the pictures up on the dresser..I ain't never think a woman could have me this lil'feelin..girls'll walk up on me flirtin, I be tellin e'm "Nah I'm chillin" --hug you till I go to sleep just to squeeze you like my lil'pillow..then I wake up Monday mornin'don't come back till Friday, in my whole 'nother whip, sittin on 6's with tinted windows--baby phat bags, all the purses with matchin'slippers..you done heard I fucked this dumb bitch-now you mad trippin..tears in ya eyes, [yellin you tired of my fast livin]"

Since you went away, I been down and lonely, since you went away, I been thinkin of you--Ooo I'm missin you.


El Natural .

..so tyra revealed her "natural" look during the premiere week of THE TYRA SHOW .."weaveless" & all. im proud of her! lol, i personally support the "weaveless" movement, although i do not knock the extension because i do have one on occasion, i respect her taking the first step to make other woman feel more comfortable about their natural look, & hair.


heatwave ,

...so, living in Seattle i've always found myself being type jealous of the more warmer cities, you know the ones that stay warm all year round... often complaining about how much rain we end up with , even when it should be shiny out . H O W E V E R , do i miss the rain now , lately its beein in the upper 90's & tomorrow its estimated to be 101 degrees ! i mean , hello !? are we in Vegas now ... sheeeesh !! its so weird , i basically live in the pool now ( & i cant even swim ) hehe .

S U M M E R N I G H T S .



1958 - F O R E V E R !
...the media can try & try to slander his name as much as they want.

nonetheless, FOREVER THE KING.

" Mama , I made it !! "

...and life's only beginning.


Dance Flick.

i peeped this movie last night... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny !, i loved it.
although you'd have to know what they're making fun of to understand the movie .

SO, with that being said...if you havent seen the movie yet, make sure to watch these movies beforehand...such as ( save the last dance, stomp the yard, you got served, hairspray, twilight, black snake moan, & high school musical ) -- haha...thennn you'll laugh all the way through. :]