..i mean it IS halloween.

this is a CLASSIC. enjoy :]

Cashis - Ms.Jenkins

aaand i know the songs old. but i must admit, some of these rappers out here, kiiiinda scare me. i mean... just listen to the lyrics.


..you have no clue how much i relate to this song.
(swith the woman, to man -- & it once was the story of my life)

"In the night I hear 'em talk,
The coldest story ever told,
Somewhere far along this road
He lost his soul,
To a woman so heartless...
How could you be so heartless...
oh..How could you be so heartless?"

808's & Heartbreak -- Kanye West. Highly Anticipated album. Should be released this Novemeber 25th.


and i thought i was a fan...

being that i absolutelY LOVE to dance, i often youtube videos & learn new choreography when im not at school practicing . lol ... anywhos, seems like im not the only one watching and learning... im totally going to do this by the way..


many moons.

janelle monae. the music world needs more of this...


shake the world..

a brief intermission.
i'll be back shortly....

for now, read the other ill blogs -- located to the right.


Shavonna....peep this.

I think she wants to be like Christina Aguilera. (did i spell her last name right?)


barbie girls.

throwback -- new years. drunk & hot girls. haha. i love CP.
*no homo ;] DON'T HATE OFF MY JAILBIRD PAJAMAS EITHER! (they're ill)


no more danity kane?

after watching the season finale of MTB , seems as if Danity Kane, now only consist of three members (Dawn, Andrea, &Shannon) Diddy seems to be fed up with Aubrey's stubborn ways. (i personally think there's more to it than whats being shown on a more personal level.) but hey, they try and make you believe what they want you to believe right? aubrey & d.woods, who call themselves ebony & ivory, seem to have "got kicked out danity kane" as diddy stated on TRL.

"So ... are Danity Kane breaking up or not? Well, that sort of depends on which member of the group you're listening to.

If you're not up to speed with the latest rumor surrounding Diddy's "Making the Band 3" debutantes, well, here we go: Whispers of an impending DK split started circulating Wednesday, when TMZ.com cameras caught group member Aubrey O'Day leaving Hollywood club Teddy's and asked her, point-blank, "What's up with Danity Kane's next album?"

When O'Day played coy, the — ahem — reporter then asked if she "had something to say about Puffy," to which O'Day replied:

"I have absolutely nothing to say about Puffy. I haven't even looked at him longer than 10 minutes," she spat, in obvious reference to a comment Diddy made on New York radio station Hot 97 back in April, when he denied rumors O'Day was pregnant with his child by saying, "I never even looked at her for more than 10 minutes."

"Danity Kane — I don't really know what's going on with Danity Kane," O'Day continued. "I love Danity Kane though, that's for sure."

O'Day was then asked about rumors that she was joining the Pussycat Dolls, a question that seemingly caught her off guard, as she could only laugh and offer up, "You're giving up secrets right now. You're not supposed to know about that."

peep: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1564720/20070713/kane__danity.jhtml for more details.


if i were a boy...

( i love this song )

"It’s a little too late for you to come back
Say its just a mistake
Think I’d forgive you like that
If you thought I would wait for you
You thought wrong

But you’re just a boy
You don’t understand
How it feels to love a girl someday
You wish you were a better man
You don’t listen to her
You don’t care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
Cause you’ve taken her for granted
And everything you have got destroyed

..But you’re just a boy."

video one :

you know she always comes with it, so peep video two:
SINGLE LADIES | steppin out the box with the dancin as well.



i freakin love this song. i must admit when i seen the start of the video, i got excited. until i realized the "new kids on the block" were added to the song. not to be rude, but they suck. they're like not even kids...the comeback is not working out in my eyes. urggg! good song, murdered.

which one do you prefer?



this morning, you tuned my radio to your station.
and as the music began to escape from the speakers, i too, began to escape.
as the melodies continued to flow, our melodies intertwined.
unaware of the fact that we're so lyrically inclined.
no commercials, or advertisements, no pauses.
only continual music.
i must admit, i'm enjoying this.
as your hands wonder, you increase the volume.
feeling the music in my soul, deep inside.
weak, heart beating, "triple times"
the beat continues, your lyrics stop, as mines begin.
flowing to your music. increasing infatuation.
the song, becomes our song.
and it continues to play on,
and on,
and on,
and on,

..forever more, forever yours.


homecoming. (pt2)

Renton High's Homecoming was poppin! i really enjoyed myself. i usually don't attend formal dances. but i figured, it's senior year, why not? you know. (i'm a quaker btw) ...but here's a few photo's from the night.

[ i went with my ladies, no date necessary :) ]
classy attire.( we can only dance in heels for so long)

i love the way bosley dances. lol.
tag team..haha
aaand now for Franklin's Homecoming, this coming friday.


just returned from Renton High's Homecoming, it was great.
stay tuned for photos from the amazing formal night.


a cinderella story.

waiting, in silence, alone in my quarters. 'til there was a knock on my door, highly anticipated. i quickly move towards the door, yet slowly turn the knob and open, as the adrenaline begins to flow. i open, to find you. to my pleasant surprise, i welcome you with open arms. you enter with a warm feeling that until this day i have never felt, never knew, and longed for. healed the former bruises placed on my heart, no longer damaged. webster's definition of infatuation doesn't quite fit this, nor does the definition of love. so baby, us two are undefined. unbreakable. simply indescribable. unexplainable. and unforgettable.

..our fairytale may be happy, but it has no ending.

in case you missed it..

pure comedy...


kanye west-love lockdown.

..i have a question, after listening to Love Lockdown numerous times, i think i've actually came to understand the meaning of the song. anyone else?

QTip-Gettin Up

Jazmine Sullivan-Bust Your Windows


closing statement.

live life...and enjoy it.
nothing's ever promised tomorrow today.
with that being said, no hostility or hard feelings on this end.
i mean, if you ask me, that takes too much enegry. right?

: )


funny story.

sooo this week, while cleaning my bedroom...i came across this teddy bear that this one guy (i forgot his name) gave me on Valentines Day, earlier this year. The funniest thing about it was, the year is 2008, and on this weak a** bear, it read 2007. hahahaha, the reeeel huh?! im guessing it was a gist of some former girlfriend or something, so i gave it to my nephew's and nieces, i figured...it's worthless in my life, maybe they can play with it or something.

so i go to hand it to my nephew, who's 2 years old by the way...and he gives me this odd look like "what is this?" ... then runs off, as normal. anyways, moments later i step into my kitchen for a snack...and find the funniest sight EVER!...he threw it on the garbage. hahaha...i think he can read minds like his aunty, because i was thinking about burning it in my fireplace -- being that it's so nippy outside nowadays...but he beat me to the punch. my mom and i thought it was toooo hilarious. i snapped a photo.
im telling you, it was the funniest thing ever. you just had to be there. it should've been there the day i received it. but i thought i'd be nice...keep it around, then i lost it under my bed. hahahaha, ok -- that's the end.


love lockdown.

let it be know. i love kanye, he's ill. been through hell & still doing it major. antics and all. peep this performance. fire.

a kid named cudi.

what can i say? i like...


beautiful liar.

after the vowel of silence
today, we begin to speak
thoughts, replaying in my mind
of how you cut me deep
except i'm not bleeding love
feels like i'm bleeding hate
and how i used to to think you and i, were fate.
"it's a dog eat dog world"
..and if all men are dogs, you have toooo many mates
many, unattractive in many ways,
but i've heard men say p***y doesn't have a face
from ashley, to meisha, maya, to grace
numerous ladies have been in your place
varieties of juices on your sheets
marinating, where you and i used to sleep
where love once was made
..now only creates lust
you've lost my love, and never earned my trust.
leaving you...with nothing but memories
so bittersweet, of what USED to be
WE; no longer
now--I am sronger, strong enough to leave you
my beautiful liar, left me longing for truth.



"i'm Not Sure No, I'm Not Sure. But If We Never Try We'll Never Know.
It's Better To Have Loved Than Not To Love At All...Not Trying Is Worst Than To Stumble And Fall. And If We Do, i'd Rather It Be With You..'Cause At Least There Will Be Sweet Memorys."

Fearless, In stores now. One of the Hottest Albums Out.

doll domination.

i've never really been much of a pussycat dolls fan. buuuut, one day, while on myspace, i see an ad feat. the dolls, and decide to click it. not much of a fan for their music. but one song did catch my eye. entitled "Taking Over The World." anything that has to do with the Takeover is A1.

aaand i actually LIKE the song too! take a listen...its pretty hot.

Takin Over The World - The Pussycat Dolls

..the photo's fierce as well.


the packkk..!

what's the rap game coming to ? i mean...he could model for hanes. haha, this made me laugh a bit. Lil'B from The Pack... steppin out the box a bit. What do you think? haha.

hey, i'm not knockin the man at all...haha, if you'd like to peep the rest of the photos, visit: http://www.myspace.com/packalbums