funny story.

sooo this week, while cleaning my bedroom...i came across this teddy bear that this one guy (i forgot his name) gave me on Valentines Day, earlier this year. The funniest thing about it was, the year is 2008, and on this weak a** bear, it read 2007. hahahaha, the reeeel huh?! im guessing it was a gist of some former girlfriend or something, so i gave it to my nephew's and nieces, i figured...it's worthless in my life, maybe they can play with it or something.

so i go to hand it to my nephew, who's 2 years old by the way...and he gives me this odd look like "what is this?" ... then runs off, as normal. anyways, moments later i step into my kitchen for a snack...and find the funniest sight EVER!...he threw it on the garbage. hahaha...i think he can read minds like his aunty, because i was thinking about burning it in my fireplace -- being that it's so nippy outside nowadays...but he beat me to the punch. my mom and i thought it was toooo hilarious. i snapped a photo.
im telling you, it was the funniest thing ever. you just had to be there. it should've been there the day i received it. but i thought i'd be nice...keep it around, then i lost it under my bed. hahahaha, ok -- that's the end.

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Thee Nu said...

yea, even though myspace is a better place to network, blogger has a better feel to it, and you can do whatever you want with it.

You're a pretty decent writer though.

just thought I'd let you know .