he calls me "mrs . perfect"

.... haha , & what can i say ?? i agree with him ... call me " cocky " -- i gives TWO fingers in the middle .
a few things on my mind i have to let go of ...

  • FIRST OFF -- it's not that he's a parcially african american man , the president is of ethincity! (no offense towards anyone) -- but im truly PUMPED , i'm stillll taking this in.
  • Secondly , my space ... a cure for common boredom , talking to people that you do not want to have your number & honestly never would hang with (heeeey, its true) & possibly network . however , it is NOT the place for beef. no comments will ever be found on MY page about the next , best believe this little statement i'm making now is allll there will ever be. which comes to my question, why in the hell do females feel the need to come at me OH SO INCORRECTLY over MY , in case you didn't read that correctly MY boyfriend, my "boo" my "nigga" whatever you want to call it. you want him? i got him... get over it, go read a book or something, there's no need to fight over something i clearly have , ain't going anywhere .... it's factual. truth hurts babygirl ... continue to pop off at the mouth but i'd respect you more if it was face to face rather than on the internet. shananigans , we laugh at people like that. alright that's enough about that...
  • i got married today, in class haha -- quite fun. my new husband's pretty darn spiffy (too bad he's gettin played) ha! i love senior year ...
  • LASTLY -- it's time to celebrate !! ill be partying allllll weekend , & sleep all during the week . because i can. ;)
*that's all i had to say -- no new post for a few days ... i leave you with the song of the (rest of the) YEAR ... enjoy !

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Thee Nu said...

... I never understood that one either, the chicks trying to come at YOU sideways, when it isn't even your fault. If the dude is (& im not saying yours is) messing with 2 ppl, wouldn't that make him in the wrong ? Some girls are just so fuckin' insecure & they know your man don't want them, but they have to cause drama just to get a little bit of attention. Idk about the chicks of this generation , most of em suck raw _____.(insert whatever you'd like)LOL
all I can say to you is
- Keep up the good work !
Cuz damn, you MUST be doing your job right MRS.KIRK