stanky leg * 200th post !

this is 200th post !! yaaay me (:
i decided to dedicate it to the official STANKY LEG video! hehe.
enjoy .


Anonymous said...

This is for the clubs!!!!!!!!

A.R. said...

lol, this shit is so funny.

ill;kinda said...

hahahahahahha biter biter biter!!!

did I ever tell you that I really like the name you chose for your blog?

hella creative :)

ill;kinda said...

-have you heard this joint on the radio?? :)
I heard it & was blasting it ! lol

and I liked the boys from the other video better. they danced better .

J.Rae said...

i love the stanky leg! i wish i would have thought of it first

[ i had to get a new blog folks: www.raecouture.blogspot.com . re-follow lol ]

ill;kinda said...

ayo Anj...
check out this blog . lol
I thought it was you for a sec. I thought you got a new one ...

(same blog name)